Caring & honest Real Estate Agent

I am writing this testimonial for Glen Spargo who sold me my apartment in CASUARINA. The sale went through on Monday 19th January & Glen has been fantastic from the time I was interested to the time the unit became mine & my husband’s this week & still has been helping me out with answers to some questions either from his own knowledge or from the vendor.

I found Glen to be a very caring & honest Real Estate Agent with a wonderful work ethic. He has not been too pushy like a lot of Real Estate Agents are and it was clear to me right from the beginning when I showed interest that he was there to try and give both vendor and purchaser a good deal. He has forwarded to me by phone or email everything that was to be done before Xmas by the body Corporation, has always promptly passed on my concerns for a couple of matters relating to the unit to the Building Manager of the apartments, who in turn has fixed these concerns. He has met, on several occasions, a friend of mine who is looking after things for me in regards to the unit as I live in Sydney & has never once shown annoyance or impatience with the questions I have asked of him before, during and after the sale of this property.

Glen has made the process of buying a property enjoyable, relaxing & stress-free and for an agent to do that (especially as I live in Sydney) has been a great experience for me.

I would highly recommend Glen Spargo to anybody who is interested in selling or buying any type of property.

Sue Mackay