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Sell My Home in Varsity lakes

Are you thinking of putting your home up for sale? Our sales consultants perform free real estate appraisals on land, units, apartments and houses. We appraise properties according to their location to shops, schools, transport and amenities. We also factor in the recent sales history in the region. Selling any property is a big decision. Getting an accurate appraisal can help you plan ahead into the future. Our appraisers are free to meet at anytime of the week that suits your schedule. We will show you how we arrive at our final value.

If you agree we will first open our database of buyers and investors to alert them of a sale in Varsity Lakes. You have options when it comes to selling your home. It can be done privately, at a price that is agreed upon or you can have an open auction.

We exhaust all avenues when it comes to marketing your home. We promote via real estate portals, print media, social media, our website and our network of contacts. Throughout this process you will be constantly updated. We will also give you tips on staging your home for sale.

How Much is my Varsity Lakes Home Worth?

Real estate appraisal Varsity Lakes QLD 4227As of May 2017 the median price of a house is $557,000 and the median apartment price is $405,000. There has been 175 house sales and 173 apartment sales this year. The average annual capital growth has been 3.81% for a house and 1.81% for a unit. The 12 month capital growth sees houses at 10.51% and units at 3.88%. Going forward Varsity Lakes capital growth should stay ahead of the national average. There are more buyers than sellers for houses in the suburb. Unit owners are usually getting the price they are asking for.
House prices and weekly rent returns for Varsity Lakes.

  • 2 bedroom home $No Data Rent per week $450
  • 3 bedroom home $510,000 Rent per week $500
  • 4 bedroom home $647,000 Rent per week $580

Unit prices and weekly rent returns for Varsity Lakes.

  • 1 unit home $320,000 Rent per week $395
  • 2 unit home $389,000 Rent per week $460
  • 3 unit home $423,000 Rent per week $483

Rental Appraisal in Varsity Lakes

Do you have a property you want to rent out? We offer free rental appraisals on units, apartments and houses. You can meet any of our appraisers at a time that suits your calendar. At the meeting we will discuss your needs and tell you what rent return you can expect per week. You may wish to lease your property short term or long term. We ave a list of potential tenants that we security screen that may be of interest.

The first step is to determine your criteria for accepting a tenant. Our property managers draw up all contracts, collect the rent, regularly inspect the property and provide the landlord with full tax accounting documents. Throughout this entire process the landlord is updated regularly. All maintenance issues are handled by the property management team. The landlord will be advised first if maintenance needs to be carried. The exception to this is in case of an emergency whereby we are governed by law to fix the problem.

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