Real Estate Appraisal Southport QLD 4215

How Much is My Home Worth in Southport?

Real estate data released on September 11, 2017 had the median price of a house in Southport at $530,000. The median price for a unit was $375,000. This year there has been 297 house sales and 437 unit sales. The average days on the market for a house is 80. And, for units, the average days on the market is 120.

The DSR or Demand to Supply Ratio rates both houses and units as above average. This says that there are more buyers than sellers. Vendors are usually getting their advertised property price. This suggests that investing in property in Southport is a good idea. Expect the capital real estate growth to be ahead of the national average. The 12 month capital growth for houses is 1.85% and for units it is 2.43%. The average annual capital growth for houses is 3.31% and units is 2.25%.

House prices and rent returns in Southport

  • 2 bedroom house $383,500 Rent per week $350
  • 3 bedroom house $512,500 Rent per week $450
  • 4 bedroom house $645,000 Rent per week $590
  • Unit prices and rent returns in Southport

  • 1 bedroom unit $235,000 Rent per week $320
  • 2 bedroom unit $343,000 Rent per week $425
  • 3 bedroom unit $450,000 Rent per week $460
  • Free Real Estate Appraisal Southport

    Real estate appraisal Southport QLD 4215Do you want to know the value of your home? We deliver accurate free property appraisals on houses, units and apartments. We are local to the Gold Coast and know the price of real estate in the region. Our appraisers base their estimation on recent sales history, closeness to shops, schools and amenities.

    Free Rental Appraisal Southport

    Are you selling you investment property and need an appraisal of its worth? Or, are you moving and want to rent your current home? Our rental appraisers we give you a free estimation on what rent you can expect per week. But, first we need to know the length of the lease and the preferred type of tenant. So, a meeting is recommended to determine all the owners needs. We endeavour to build lasting relationships that will provide the best return on investment.

    Property Management Southport

    Have you just purchased an invest property and need a property manager? We manager multiple properties in Southport and on the Gold Coast. We utilise the latest property management software that tracks all our rentals. We have a database of potential tenants looking to rent. If we find a match this can save time and money. Each week a property is vacant will cost the owner 2% of their annual return. We security check all tenants and make it clear as to their obligations prior to signing our lease agreement. We manage routine inspections and collect all rental fees.